The Sky Belongs to ME

Content advisory 18+ My family and I live in High Rise No. 378 in the southern city of D. Recently, to our immense delight, we acquired a new apartment on the 256th floor, thanks to its being vacated by its owner, presumably due to some sort of psychological pathology. His family, who live in the seaport city of L., some 250 km away, engineered the sale.
Our building is the … Read the rest

New Years Fairy Tale

Контент 14+ Вроде ёлки уже почти все выкинули...а так хочется праздника. Давайте вспомним сказку!

All of the old folks know the ancient wisdom that the passions can bring you a great happiness or an awful disaster. My kinfolk are cold-natured and well-balanced, and so I have always stayed aloof from the worst kinds of agitation. I prefer living in peace and the mutual understanding shared by my good-hearted generally silent … Read the rest